Best Vinyl Die Cut Machine 2018

If you love arts and crafts, then this best vinyl die cut machine might be exactly what you are looking for. This bundle allows you to cut out your own artwork images and then heat transfer them to something. It is perfect for making your own t-shirts, ironing logos onto backpacks or working with any material that will allow heat transfer.

This bundle kit includes everything that you need to buy to get started with this amazing process, combining the heat transfer kit with the Silhouette Cameo for creating the artwork.

Main Features

Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Starter Kit Bundle review 2017

If you love arts and crafts, then this best vinyl die cut machine might be exactly what you are looking for

This is probably the best die cut machine for fabric ever created and the Silhouette has become quite popular among arts and crafts people. When you look online you will see that there is a huge number of tutorials, videos, blogs and websites devoted to making items using the Silhouette machine.

Of course, this quality bundle kit does a whole lot more than just making the artwork using the Silhouette creator, and it is not the only option that you have for buying.

There are actually seven different ways that you can buy shown on the product listing, and while we will be concentrating solely on the heat transfer kit in this review, which is definitely one of the best bundles, you should know what those options are. For example, you can get the Cameo machine by itself, a vinyl and PIXscan bundle, a roll feeder bundle, a starter bundle or a vinyl bundle. Follow this link to take a look at all of the options.

Before we can talk about the features, let’s go over exactly what is included with the heat transfer bundle.  Here is a list of everything that you are going to get with this quality bundle.

  • The Silhouette Cameo die cut machine for fabric or drawing
  • Five sheets of heat transfer material, three smooth, two flocked, measures 9×12, varied colors
  • Silhouette hook
  • 4 metallic sketching pens
  • Pick-me-up pen tool
  • Cutting mat and replacement cutting mat
  • Wall plug adapter
  • USB cord
  • 2 Cutting blades
  • Silhouette CD-ROM of instructions and designs
  • 1 month free membership to Silhouette Design Studio

Now, let’s talk about the features that this bundle kit offers. First of all, you get a month’s free membership to Silhouette Design Studio, an online tool that makes designing your own patterns and creating professional looking heat transfer images a snap.

This is probably the best die cut machine for fabric ever created

Plus, you have the ability to connect your machine with the computer so that you send out those designed to be drawn out with the pen tools or cut out with the blade tools right away without having to wait. Now, let’s talk about the good stuff about this kit or you can head over to Amazon right now and pick up this quality bundle for yourself.

The Good Stuff

Best Vinyl Die Cut Machine reviews 2017

The kit includes everything that you could possibly need to both create and then transfer to fabric the most amazing designs out there

The good news is, this is both the best die cutting machine for paper and for vinyl, and the kit includes everything that you could possibly need to both create and then transfer to fabric the most amazing designs out there.

Because it includes both blades and pens, you can either draw out your design and see what it looks like on paper, or you can cut a design that you have already printed so that you can literally make any kind of image you want, no matter how complex, and put it on a t-shirt or other heat transfer-friendly material.

The real strength here is in the Cameo itself, and the rest of the items that you get are just bonuses. If you want to find the best machine on the market and you are trying to decide which die cutting machine to buy, you have probably already come across the Silhouette Cameo. This machine is so popular among DIYers that it is featured on a large number of websites dedicated to arts and crafts of this type. Let’s see what sort of things you need to be concerned about though.

The Not So Good Stuff

So, there wasn’t much of a downside to getting this starter kit. There were a few things that research netted that you want to be aware of and perhaps watch out for, but it was really slim pickings, and on many retail websites, the few comments on the kit were 100% positive.

But let’s discuss a couple of issues that other people have mentioned. Some people had issues with the software that was used to create the designs. There are apparently a couple of bugs that you have to deal with if you come across them. There was nothing specific mentioned, so just keep an eye on how your designs are coming out and on your computer.

One other thing that was mentioned two or three times. These people said that it quit working after about a year. The problem with this is that the machine has a 1 year limited warranty so if it does stop working after owning it for 12 months, you’re probably out of luck. This is still one of the best die cutting machines to buy though.

The other common issue that people seemed to have (although the number was very small when compared to the ones who had no problem) is with loading certain types of material. For example, if the material had come rolled up the machine had a really hard time picking it up and loading it properly.

What Customers Are Saying

There wasn’t a whole lot of negative commentary on this bundle package, and nearly 90% of customers rated it at four stars or higher, with the overwhelming majority rating it a perfect five stars. When it comes to die cut machine reviews, this one was quite a ways above average, and it is no wonder when you know how much quality went into the Cameo and how many in the online craft community recommend it.

The total rating for this product bundle was 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars, which is a pretty high average and probably the best that you are going to get with these machine types. Some people called it the best purchase that they had ever made and others commented on how advanced it was compared to the older machine that they had upgraded from.

Some people have called this the best purchase they have ever made!

The reviews section is full of people rating it five stars and urging DIY enthusiasts to go out and get a Cameo or heat transfer bundle package for themselves. Lots of people have also posted pictures of the designs that they were able to make with this bundle.

The Verdict

So, if you are still wondering about which die cutting machine to buy, then wonder no more, because the Silhouette Cameo with heat transfer package bundle is a superb buy that you almost certainly won’t be able to beat elsewhere.

This machine is top-of-the-line and has lot of happy users. Just take a look around the web at arts and crafts blogs and you’ll see the name come up a lot. Plus, the bundle kit literally has everything that you need to do your own t-shirt crafts or even to start up your very own t-shirt business. This product is definitely recommended.

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