Cricut EasyPress Heat Press

 We all have that t-shirt – the favorite color-  and want it to bear a stylish logo. You are simply wondering how to do it. Well, look no further but to the stylish 9″ by 9″ EasyPress device.  This machine is explicitly designed with a distinctive heating element. It distributes heat evenly. The nonstick heating plate is the ideal gadget to have in your home for making lots of cool gifts such as bags and throw pillows with just a single press. The EasyPress promises to be the next big thing in the heat press industry since its easy and fun to use. Its small and compact design makes it efficient and effective for the usage- whether in office or at home 

Circuit EasyPress is a delightful machine that will transform those boring tees into something you will want to wear every day.   

How Does It Work?

    • Turn the EasyPress on
    • Find the material to use in reference to the chart provide by EasyPress
    • Adjust the time and temperature
    • Wait for it to warm to the set temperature
    • Once it warms up, get it out of the safety base and press gently on the chosen fabric that you want to apply the vinyl.
    • Put the Cricut back in the Safety Base
    • Again, position the vinyl on the warmed fabric
    • Get the EasyPress from the Safety Base and gently, press it on the vinyl.
  • Once the beep timer sounds put the Cricut back in the Safety Base

And just like that, you are finished. It’s no magic to be called EasyPress.

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Cricut EasyPress Features 


One of the most exceptional features of EasyPress is the set timer that runs up to 60 seconds. When its fully counted down, the timer will beep to let you know it’s the right time to remove the press. It enables you to work within exact parameters. More so, it cuts down on wasted time and materials!

You’re probably wondering how you will get the right time and temperature of the fabric you are using. Don’t worry, refer to the Quick Reference chart for the suggested settings.

Importantly, when the timer beeps, and you remove the press, you can always put it back if the vinyl comes off as you try to take the backing off.

Another important aspect is how speedy Cricut EasyPress can be. It only takes you 60 seconds to get done exactly what you’re looking for.

Adjustable, Precision Heating

The major downside of using iron is the fact that you have to rely on guesses. It becomes hard to adjust the temperatures. However, Cricut EasyPress breaks the code and offers you excellent results. You can quickly adjust the heat up to 350°F, and the plate will distribute heat evenly to your desired point.

It means that you will not have the random cold or hot spots. Additionally, it will give you a consistent hot finish, precisely done for your design.

One of the most painful scenarios you can encounter is burning half of your design, leaving the other part poorly stuck down. Talk of Iron problems.

Compact and Easy to Store

Another excellent benefit of EasyPress over the traditional heat press is that it’s not bulky. Cricut EasyPress has a heat press area of 9″ x 9″. Furthermore, it comes with a fantastic Safety Base that makes it easy to store.

We all- at one point- have accidentally burnt the surface with the traditional heat press. The worst scenario can happen when you burn your design. But it is not the case with Cricut EasyPress. You can keep it anywhere- either on a desk or shelf drawer.

Lasting Results

EasyPress ensures that your HTV designs survive multiple washes sessions- even with the most layered and intricate designs. It gives you professional results in 60 seconds. Press is effective, efficient and it does not disappoint. The transfers remain in position even after repeated washes.

Lightweight with a Handle

One of the most significant aspects of going for the EasyPress is the fact that is easily maneuverable. It is explicitly designed with a grip handle on top to make it easy to remove it from the Safety Base. More so, the handle enables you to apply consistent gentle pressure on your fabric.

The 9” x 9” heat plate makes it easy to store and slide it into larger designs and projects without hitches. 

The fact that the handle is top, it ensures you keep your hand away from the hot plate. 350°F temperature level can pose dangers on your skin- thanks to the designers!

Probably you have burnt your fingers on a heat press plate- maybe not once. Save the menace with this excellent device.

Cricut EasyPress Pros and Cons

There is no question – the EasyPress is impressive and results in a quality press. However, it has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look;


    • The Cricut EasyPress is compact and small making it easy to store
    • Due to its size, it is portable
    • It heats up quickly and evenly
    • It offers quality presses
    • It has a detailed, easy-to-understand user manual
    • Great customer support
  • The button settings for timer and temperature are super simple


    • Maximum temperature is 350
    • It has a smaller surface area than the regular heat press
    • It requires added pressure from the user
    • It doesn’t include a necessary pressing mat
  • Cricut HTV brand is crazy expensive

So, do you Need Cricut EasyPress?

Yes, it is easy to use, compatible and gives you instant results. But do you need it? EasyPress might be everything you have been waiting for. Arguably, it is the best device you can use on vinyl and HTV. However, if you do few heat transfer vinyl cuttings, it would be prudent to stick with the iron. It will save you a few bucks.


With summer around the corner and you want to make fun things such as pillows, tee’s bags, throw pillows and more, this is a great press to use. So go ahead and let that art you’ve been doing to get on that tee just come alive with the Cricut EasyPress.

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