Joe Hughes

Hey I’m Joe! Welcome to my site!

My name is Joe and I have been considered a heat press connoisseur by my friends for the past decade or so. Now you’re probably wondering, why heat press machines of all things?

Well, it’s simple! When I was a kid, I was absolutely fascinated by creating my own t-shirts.

Whenever we had to make tie-dye t-shirts for school, I always volunteered to make them for the whole class.

Moving into high school and college, I actually made a side-business out of printing t-shirts and vinyls. That side business actually paid my way through school!

While I ended up becoming an accountant by trade, my fascination with heat press machines has not faltered. In fact, with the advent of newer technology, my passion has only continued to grow!

I wanted to make a site where I could share my experience using heat presses. I also wanted to give the public a place where they can read God-honest reviews about the more popular heat presses on the market.

I really hope that you all like what you read. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!


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