OrangeA 16x20Inch Heat Press Machine Review

If you are looking for a good heat press to design and print your own t-shirts, hats, or fashionable bags, look no further than the OrangeA. The OrangeA Heat Press is a good one for beginners due to its easy assembly and affordability. Below, I’ve listed the features and break them down as far as what kinds of benefits they offer each user.

  • Pull away clamshell style press
  • Temperatures up to 750 degrees
  • Digital timer
  • Pressure adjustments for perfect pressure
  • Use of magnets opens drawer when timer goes off
  • Aluminum platen
  • Comes fully assembled

Breakdown of the Features

OrangeA Heat Press Product ImageThe pull-away clamshell, or draw, is a great option. Heat presses have three variations, the clamshell, the swing away, and the pull away. Each one of these variations comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of the pull away you don’t have to worry about your hands being anywhere near the dangerously hot platen.

Since the drawer pulls out from the rest of the machine you can work on your design from a safe position, unlike the clamshell which you have to put your hands directly under the hot platen. The draw can also save you valuable real estate on your workbench since it pulls out into the space in front of it, rather than swinging to the side like the swing away would have to.

The draw uses magnets to safely lock the platen in place while printing and to safely unlock it and open automatically when the timer goes off.

The automatic opening will help you in controlling the amount of heat your products are exposed to.

The temperature of this model gets up to 750 degrees, with a digital Celsius conversion option. This means that it will be able to handle heat pressing on a wide variety of materials so you can branch out from just making t-shirts to printing hats and doormats if you want to. Along with the temperature control, you can also control the pressure in order to print on different materials as well.

The Advantages

The advantages to starting with a heat press like the OrangeA is the affordability of the product and its full assembly on arrival. This way you don’t need to worry about shelling out all your money, just to have it warp or even break on the first use do to some simple oversight in construction on your part. The preassembled press will abate any concerns you may have about putting it together yourself.

The other major advantage to this model is the pull-away draw, allowing you safe and easy use without worrying about injuring yourself on the platen. As with the clamshell that requires your hand to be directly under the hot platen there is a higher chance of burning and other injuries should the clamshell happen to fall.

The pull away feature is also a real advantage if you are low on workspace.

The pull away feature will help you utilize all that valuable real estate in your workshop without having to sacrifice functionality.

Unlike the swing away, the pull away will use the space in front of it rather than to the side, so you can position it to pull into the empty space in front of your work area rather than clear a space to the side.

The draw can also be programmed automatically open when the digital timer goes off in order to prevent over exposure to heat.

The Disadvantages

The only real downside to this machine is the use of less conductive aluminum for the platen as it will not heat up as fast as stainless steel.

However, that is to be expected with any hating press in this price range which is what makes it a great machine for people who are just starting. You can always upgrade to stainless steel later, but if you are looking for something that will allow you to get started right now this is it.

The Final Verdict

I would absolutely recommend this machine to any beginner looking to design their own t-shirts, hats, or other fabric products. The pull away is a space saving option which will diminish the safety problems a beginner might have. It is also cost effective and so a new business owner will not have to break the bank in order to get started. Overall, I think this is a wonderful machine for the price.

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