Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Review of 2018

Do you want your vinyl to no longer peel off your t-shirts after only a few uses? Do you want it to no longer crack after only a few washes? Are you tired of wasting your time and money trying to find the best heat transfer vinyl?

Then you need to buy Angel Crafts 12” x 10” Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets!

We spent a lot of time and money reviewing vinyl sheets. That’s why we’re confident when we say that the Angel Crafts 12” x 10” Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets are the very best.


These vinyl sheets will provide you with the long-lasting quality that you deserve. Angel Crafts make their transfer vinyl sheets of a thinner, more durable quality of material than the competition.

By being thinner, the vinyl sheets bend and flex much more easily. This prevents cracking and deterioration when being applied and, more importantly, when being worn.

In the world of heat transfer applications, there isn’t anything more frustrating than having your vinyl crack, peel, or fade. Angel Crafts’ vinyl sheets are incredibly resistant to this.

We loved how the sheets come in a manageable 12” x 10” size. This makes it incredibly easy to manipulate the vinyl into the shape that you want.

When transfer vinyl is bigger, such as 15” x 15”, it is much harder to make the precise cuts that you’ll need to. You’re also left with a lot more wasted vinyl. The worst part is that the 15” x 15” sheets tend to cost more, so you’re throwing money away!

You won’t need to fuss around much with this vinyl. You can open the package and begin cutting right away. Other heat transfer vinyl sellers sometimes require you to flatten your vinyl before you use it. I think that this is indicative of a low-quality vinyl.

Of course, this can be used on any number of materials, such as hats, sweatshirts, polos, shirts, and more! The quality is very high so you can use it on items that will be used at any occasion.

If you’re going to be making shirts for your business, this is the perfect heat transfer vinyl to use.

You’re going to have plenty of color options with the Angel Crafts pack. If the pack doesn’t have the specific color that you’re looking for, you can check out the rest of Angel Crafts’ offerings. They usually sell packages of individual colors.

These vinyl sheets work perfectly with our best rated heat press machines.

Convinced these are the best? You can get them for the best price on


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