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Hotronix Air Fusion Review – Best Heat Press Machine!

If you think the Hotronix Air Fusion is expensive, think again. It’s one of the most sophisticated heat press machines you would ever come across, and it may certainly turn out to be well worth the price for the right users.

The kind of functionality and power it comes with makes it an ideal product for most small and medium t shirt printing businesses. With that said, let’s find out what exactly it has to offer in our detailed Hotronix Air Fusion review.

Superior Functionality – Sophistication at its Best

As we mentioned above, you would be hard-pressed to find anything as sophisticated in terms of features and functionality as the Hotronix Air Fusion, even if you’re willing to pay much more than what it costs.

As far as its controls are concerned, it would blow you away with what it has to offer. It comes with an exclusive touch screen controller that makes it super functional, improving your work efficiency significantly than what you could achieve with most other heat press machines out there.

Furthermore, the said touch screen actually has multi-swipe gestures as a feature integrated with it, adding even more to the functionality. This highly innovative way of controlling your prints would not only help improve the accuracy to a great extent, but would also save you a lot of time.

Its full digital display would help you stay on top of all the important information you need to constantly keep a track of during the heat pressing process. The information displayed would include the temperature, time, and pressure readouts.

If you’re not new to heat pressing, you likely know that it can be a hassle when you don’t have an easy access to the said details when you’re working. It sometimes also turns out to be the reason for things messing up a bit, as even missing a slight change in these details can lead to the quality of the print taking a hit.

However, these issues would be a thing of the past with the Hotronix Air Fusion, thanks to its full digital display and all the other great features aimed at improving the overall functionality. The digital display is just one of the reasons Heat Press Review has rated this the #1 pick for Best Heat Press Machine in 2018.

These features also include the automatic on/off setting, which is another small feature that can have a big impact on the quality of work you’re able to produce using the machine. Unlike with manual on/off setting, which can be time consuming and result in a small delay which can sometimes affect the print quality, automatic on/off setting would help you avoid such delays as well as make things considerably more convenient for you.

One of the more sophisticated features the Hotronix Air Fusion comes with is its multiple time and pressure settings. It turns out to be an incredibly useful feature when it comes to making applications based on mixed media.

Again, this is the kind of sophisticated we have been talking about. And it makes making advanced designs – which may otherwise have been very challenging to make – surprisingly easy.

Another feature that enhances both the functionality and ease of use of the Hotronix Air Fusion is the electro pneumatic regulator. It automatically adjusts the pressure based on the recipe being used, which eliminates all the guesswork that’s often the cause of accuracy issues.

Then there’s also the feature that allows automatic opening and swinging without having to manually do anything. You would also be able to program and save practically as many application settings as you like, thanks to the sophisticated software setup of the Hotronix Air Fusion.

In addition to that, each application can have up to four different settings, which translates to a lot of flexibility with respect to the type of designs you can create.

The entire framework of the Hotronix Air Fusion is corrosion-free, and the Hotronix Air Fusion comes with a lifetime warranty for the heating element and a 5-year warranty for major components. This speaks volumes about the kind of durability it beings to the table.

Solid Capacity Coupled with Some Serious Power

If heat pressing or making customized t shirts were a hobby for you, one of those cheap, modestly-powered machines may have cut it for you. However, as a small or medium business, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than a machine that boasts some serious power and can handle a lot of volume, varieties (in terms of designs) as well as a much more demanding use.

And guess what? The Hotronix Air Fusion will not just meet your expectations here, but exceed them. To give you an idea of the power it has to offer, it can work on items as thick as up to 1.75”. In other words, there would hardly be any items that the Hotronix would hesitate accepting.

Similarly, this beast of a heat press machine has a ¾” thick plate, which is sign of an impressively solid build quality. Getting a bit more technical here, the Hotronix Air Fusion can perform at 120 PSI if you’re making it work on a heavy pressure application. You may have to use an air compressor for such projects, though (which is not included with the product).

Ease of Use

Based on what we have said so far, you would expect the Hotronix Air Fusion to have quite a learning curve. Oh boy are you in for a surprise! No wonder we rated this the Best Heat Press Machine of 2018!

The Hotronix Air Fusion is actually surprisingly easy to use, although it may take a while to get familiar with all its advanced and sophisticated features.

Want to get the upper platen swinging into place without letting things get complicated? Well, all you need to do is tap the foot pedal.

How about changing the lower platen with the many different platen options it comes with? It’s going to be a breeze as well with the Quick Change option.

Then there’s also the fact that it sports an open design, which basically means that the loading and maneuvering of garments is going to be easier than it may have ever been for you. Similarly, its EZ-On platen design is as innovative as the features of the Hotronix Air Fusion, and you wouldn’t require any pillow or pads as you do with most other heat presses on the market.

The two hand operation is aimed at making it both easy and safe to operate the machine. The Hotronix’s ergonomic stand, too, is adjustable, which adds to the flexibility while taking a lot of challenge out of many types of projects.

A Final Word

If you’re a small or medium t shirt making or designing business, a heat press machine is going to be the biggest and most important investment for you. However, going with a cheaper option may mean spending a lot more resources on a regular basis and still having to deal with inaccurate results and many other challenges than you would if you go for something like the Hotronix Air Fusion.

As the heat press machine is going to be the heart and soul of your business, make sure you don’t try to cut corners with it. Simply go with Hotronix Air Fusion as it would serve you well for longer than you can imagine, and make you stand out with its highly sophisticated functioning and unique, advanced features. In short, this is the Best Heat Press Machine we have reviewed in 2018.

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