Free Plant Designs: If You Aren’t Printing Plant Patterns, You Should Be

Many of us have discovered the joy of gardening and houseplants during the pandemic, so you may want to find some free plant designs for your heat press projects.

We live in a world where the facemask is now a must-have fashion accessory, and many states in the US have their own rules regarding facemasks.

However, if you run a small business from home, free plant designs for your facemask empire could take your business to the next level.

There is something therapeutic about gardening, and the popularity of houseplants has experienced a significant boost during the pandemic.

Tending and nurturing plants to bring life and color into our homes reminds us that the world still exists out in the big wide yonder, and it helps to relax our troubled souls.

So, the next time you set up your heat press and download some SVG cutting files, consider using plant motifs to give an edgy look to your range of facemasks and accessories.

Free Plant Designs

If you want free plant designs to breathe new life into your crafty business, or to jazz up a plain T-shirt, the internet offers a huge range of resources.

However, it may feel like a daunting prospect to plow through the world wide web in search of free plant designs. That is where we come in to guide you towards some fabulous ideas.

The fantastic cactus design below from Free SVG Cut Files looks impressive on a T-shirt. However, scale down the design and dress up a plain facemask to create a funky, on-trend statement.

Meanwhile, Free SVG Planet offers a fantastic Monstera leaf SVG cutting file that will look amazing cut in a variety of different colors.

Whether you have a small crafty business, or a large-scale production, offering products with plants emblazoned across them says one thing. You have your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and fashions. Furthermore, who doesn’t love free plant designs?

Where Do I Begin?

A tshirt that has plant designs on it
Image by The World Through Athena’s Eyes via Flickr

Perhaps you run a small business offering custom items of apparel and printed facemasks. The chances are you already have the set-up.

However, if you love crafting, or want to set up a business at home, then you need to invest in a couple of essential items to get started.

A heat press

A heat press machine uses an aluminum heating element to transfer the design to a garment with heat and pressure. It remains the most efficient way to transfer a design to fabric and proves quick and easy, whether you are new to the craft or an experienced maker.

No products found.
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You can find many heat press machines on the market but you should take the time to read reviews before you invest your hard-earned money.

Buy the best machine you can afford. A good quality, efficient heat press will provide professional results with little effort.

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However, if you want to create some funky designs for you and the family, you can purchase a compact machine for embellishing small items of clothing, masks, and hats.

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A cutting machine

A machine for cutting SVG files remains essential for your venture. An electronic cutting machine cuts your downloaded files automatically and forms an invaluable tool to your arsenal.

The big advantage of using electronic cutting machines is that you can scale your designs according to the garment you wish to embellish. A T-shirt may easily take a large leaf design, but a facemask requires smaller motifs.

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As with any new venture, make sure to perform your research first. Read the reviews to find the cutting machine that suits your needs. Some devices use Wi-Fi to transfer your designs over from your computer, while others require a memory stick loaded with the projects.

The voice of experience

At home, I run a crafting business and use the Brother ScanNCut SDX125EY, which has an automatic blade depth sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity.

I use the machine every day for my crafty business and find it fast, reliable, and highly efficient. I couldn’t do half the things I do without the machine and it represents one of my best investments.

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While spending such a large chunk of money on a cutting machine may feel painful, it remains an essential tool for a heat press business.

Picture this. You want to make facemasks for your family or clients using the fantastic Monstera leaf design we recommend.

Using your cutting machine or the computer, you can scale the leaf to fit your facemask and then cut the leaf in different colors so that each member of the household has a distinct design.

Important Safety Notice

If you intend to start a business making custom facemasks, you must understand the safety requirements.

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Ensure your facemasks remain CPSIA compliant. Some materials may prove harmful when breathed in, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a comprehensive guide with regards to materials and their safety.

Free Plant Designs Explored

Creating something from scratch is exciting. Your computer, the cutting machine, and the heat press allow so many possibilities for customization.

While we present a list of fantastic free plant designs for your consideration, you can easily adjust them and customize them further using your equipment.

Plant Mom Cactus Design

You can download the free SVG file from the Free SVG Cut Files site. It’s a bold design full of personality and color with the words “Proud Plant Mom” emblazoned across a row of fabulous cactus houseplants.

The design looks particularly impressive on a plain white T-shirt. However, you can easily scale down the design to fit across a facemask.

You can also use your computer to adjust the design and remove the writing altogether. Why not place your own words across the cactus for a truly customized design?

Monstera madness

Free SVG Planet offers a fantastic Monstera leaf SVG file, and it’s free to download. It’s a bold statement design, which they picture in black against a white T-shirt.

However, allow your imagination to run wild with this funky design to create some magical alternatives. Why not use rainbow-colored heat transfer vinyl to cut the design for a striking, on-trend feature?

The Monstera leaf lends itself to varying scales. Using your cutting machine or computer, you can easily adjust the size of the design and create a repeating pattern for a different look.

Alternatively, cut the leaf in different colors for different members of the family when making facemasks.

Use the fonts inside your cutting machines to add a name or a phrase to the leaf. Once you have the free plant designs, your imagination knows no bounds.

Plant, Grow, Bloom

Free Cut Files provides a stylish SVG cutting file with a beautiful floral bloom and leaves surrounded by the words “plant, grow, bloom.” The design goes further by including some perfectly placed hearts around the composition.

By using differently colored vinyl, you can easily layer the design in the colors of your choice.

You may wish to use a part of the image such as the flower or the hearts to embellish a hat or a facemask as well. It’s a truly versatile image that seems to perfectly fit our current circumstances.

Lucky clover

We could all do with a bit of luck right now, and Free Cut Files provides the lucky inspiration we need with a gorgeous four-leaf clover design.

The image consists of a group of four clover leaves. A couple of the leaves use the traditional 3-leaf configuration while the other two use the lucky 4-leaf design.

A 4-leaf clover remains one of the most enduring symbols of luck that is instantly recognizable, and in a world plunged into such uncertainty, it is an image of optimism and hope. Consequently, this free SVG file represents a winner.


By Brittany Goldwyn remains a fantastic site for free SVG files. When it comes to free plant designs, this image offers a cheeky design sure to raise a smile.

It consists of a row of stylized leaves complete with vein detailing, and above the leaves sits the words “Introvert but willing to discuss plants.”

The design looks fantastic on cushion covers or emblazoned across a plain T-shirt. Furthermore, by scaling the design to fit, you can easily place it on a facemask. Using different colors of heat transfer vinyl results in unique, customizable options for your clients or family.

Simple Leaves

Craft Bundles features a bundle of leaf designs for you to explore. The simple leaves bundle consists of six different designs to make some incredible heat press images.

Whether you repeat the same leaf several times or make a montage of different shaped leaves in various colors, the free plant designs prove versatile.

You can combine an individual leaf with a phrase of your choice or with a flower from your free stash. When you love plants, you can never have enough leaves!


If you love succulents and cacti, Craft Bundles offer a huge variety of free designs with prickly themes. The charming flowering cactus in a pot makes a dramatic statement printed on large scale across a plain T-shirt. However, why not print a row of smaller pots across a facemask?

The various cactus and succulent designs provide a host of customization options. You can print the same design for each family member but change the color of the flower for each one.

Using the fonts section in your cutting machine, why not place a phrase or name on each plant pot for a bit of extra pizazz?


The free Plantrovert SVG cutting file from Design Bundles offers a humorous image suitable for many applications. The design uses the outline of a jug with large leaves draping out of the opening and the word “Plantrovert” emblazoned across the top of the image.

Try using the design on plain T-shirts or for decorating home furnishings. You can use your computer or cutting machine to customize the design to single out the wording and place “Plantrovert” across a facemask.

Plant flower silhouette

Free SVG offers a glorious flower stem design sure to please plant lovers everywhere! The design lends itself to scaling for various projects including home décor and facemasks.

The design consists of an outline of a stem with leaves, scrolls, and a flower, and has a zentangle art feel to it. With a little imagination and some colored vinyl, you can easily customize the image to suit a variety of projects.

Why not use your stored fonts to create a phrase to accompany the stem?

Paid Designs

While we love free stuff, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and buy designs.

Etsy remains a fantastic resource for SVG cutting files and the budgets vary. However, you can purchase many cheap designs with endless customizable options.

Potted Plants Bundle

Following Daisies provides a fantastic range of reasonably priced SVG files containing a variety of potted houseplants. The images prove striking and detailed and offer an endless supply of inspiration.

The design of the pots and the plants give the crafter plenty of opportunities to add their own spin to each design. Colored vinyl may achieve a different look with each image and gives you free rein to create bold, beautiful images.

Hanging plants

Artistock offers a bundle of houseplant images using suspended containers and hanging baskets. Each design contains amazing detail for you to create some truly striking apparel and home décor.

Plant lovers may appreciate the accurate renditions of plants such as indoor ferns and hanging terrariums. The lovingly rendered images make fantastic ideas for cushion embellishments, and with some clever wording, you can easily create striking T-shirts!

Free Plant Designs Explained

There is a wonderful world of free SVG designs out there for you to download and use in your crafting or business. I have used many of the sites mentioned in this piece for my home business, and I regularly use Etsy to download paid cutting files for my cutting machine.

The cactus designs provided by New Designs 27 offer endless possibilities for funky facemasks and T-shirts. However, the “Plantrovert” image from Design Bundles adds a cheeky sense of humor to your crafting.

Why not let your imagination run wild with our selection of free plant designs to take your home crafting or business to the next level?

Featured Image by The World Through Athene’s Eyes via Flickr

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