A Heat Press Machine Is Great For Small Businesses

It’s no secret that giveaways are one of the most powerful ways of marketing your business. People love free stuff! Using giveaways is a fantastic way to attract more and more potential customers.

There are a few ways that small businesses can utilize a heat press machine in order to help their marketing scheme!

Gain Mass Social Media Followers

Want to know a super, easy way to gain a massive amount of social media followers?

Promote a giveaway!

Again, people LOVE free stuff!

People also LOVE free t-shirts.

This is why having a heat press machine handy is important to your marketing scheme. All you have to do is create 50 or so t-shirts with your brand on it.

When you finally have the t-shirts printed, make a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram post saying that you’re giving away 50 t-shirts for free and all people had to do was sign-up for the giveaway.

Create a landing page on your website where people can enter their name and email address. Send them a confirmation email afterwards saying that they’re entered into the contest.

At this point, you’re also going to want to create a series of follow-up emails where you can upsell/downsell your customers.

With those social media posts that you created, you’re going to want to promote advertisements for them on their respective social media platforms. More exposure = more potential emails that you have signed up. This will also lead to people liking your social media pages.

This is a cheap and extremely effective way to gain social media followers and build your email list.

It’s a simple way to use your heat press machine in order to market your business.

Recruit At Colleges

College kids LOVE free t-shirts. Back when I was in college, I signed up for a few credit cards in order to get a free t-shirt (thankfully never used those credit cards). I would also go to any event that was giving away free t-shirts.

One of the most effective ways that companies recruited at colleges was by giving away free t-shirts.

You can go to the college, setup your heat press machine, and make custom t-shirts with your business name and then the college student’s name. Or you can have t-shirts pre-made with your t-shirt press machine and give those away to students walking around campus.

You can also heat press some vinyl onto mugs, beer coozies, coasters, and other small things and hand those out. Pens are also a great way to promote your business, so having a best 5-in-1 swing-away heat press machine that can print on pens may be a good idea.

Sponsor A Youth Sport Team

Sponsoring a youth sport team is a great way to expose your company to hundreds of parents with disposable income. Think about it, youth sports are expensive. Generally the only kids that are going to be doing youth sports are the ones that come from middle class and higher homes.

When you sponsor a youth sport team, you’re putting your brand in front of hundreds of potential customers. This is where your heat press machine can come in handy.

Paying for a company to heat press your shirts is going to run you around $250 for 20 shirts. Why pay that when you can buy your own heat press machine and do it yourself?

A great starter heat press machine is going to run you around $150 – $200. The cost of the vinyl and t-shirts is going to be $50-$100. The whole heat press process will take you less than an hour.

While that initially be more money, you’ll be saving in the long-term.

Now only will you now possess an awesome heat transfer machine, but you’re also going to be able to produce future t-shirts for the youth sports for dirt cheap!

The bigger sports that you can sponsor are football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. If you sponsor 4 teams per year, you’re going to have to make around 100 t-shirts per year. If you were to buy those t-shirts from a heat press company, you’re looking at spending $1,250!

But if you had a heat press machine and were able to make them yourself, then you’re looking at spending only $500 or so.

That is such a substantial savings!

Plus, again you now have your very own heat press machine! You can use your heat press machine to run other marketing adventures for your business. You can also use your heat press machine for valuable, quality family activities.

Heat pressing can make your business so much more valuable.

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