Hotronix 11″x15″ Heat Press Auto Open Review

Heat Press Hotronix

Hotronix 11″x15″ Heat Press Auto Open Review

If you’re someone who is into heat pressing or creating customized t shirts as a hobby, there are a plethora of options for you on the market. However, if you’re a small and medium business, you hardly have a few decent options for your needs.

And this is where a product like the Hotronix Auto Open comes in. It’s priced considerably cheaper than some of the other high-end heat press machines, but is easily comparable to them in terms of the features and functionality.

After all, Hotronix products are known for their exceptional functionality, and the Hotronix Auto Open is certainly no different. So without further ado, let’s review it in detail below.



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Auto Open

As you could tell by the way this product proudly puts “Auto Open” in its name, one of its highlighting features include its magnetic auto-opening. While it may not sound like a big deal, you would be surprised at the kind of difference it can make when working on large projects.

However, there’s actually more to it than that. Along with the auto-opening, the machine automatically resets the timer as soon as it auto opens.

This means that you would have no problem putting in one item after another when working on a large-scale project. It would help improve the efficiency and save a lot of time that would otherwise go to opening the machine and resetting the time for every single thing you put into the machine.

Advanced Features

Something that helps the Hotronix Auto Open easily stand out from the other more affordable commercial-grade heat press machines is its advanced features. They help it offer pretty much everything that the machine costing a couple thousand dollar does, but at a way lower price.

Let’s discuss some of its advanced features in detail below.

Digital display: The Hotronix Auto Open has a digital display that allows you to stay on top of all the important details like the temperature, time, and even the pressure controls.

Missing any changes in these important details often turns out to be one of the most common reasons your designs don’t look as good as they could have. Well, with the Hotronix Auto Open, you certainly wouldn’t have to settle for a poorer version of your designs anymore.

Twin timer: We believe this is a very unique feature from Hotronix. Using this feature, you can have two different independent timer settings. For businesses that are always making an effort to improve what they can offer to their customers, this feature can definitely going to come in handy.

They can do some split testing to figure out what settings work best for them without having to ruin their items in any way. Similarly, it can also be used when working on designs that are too specific or unique and require two different timer settings.

Magnetic assist lock-down: Locking down manually during the heat pressing process can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re having to do it every now and then. Small and medium businesses are well aware of this issue, and perhaps so is Hotronix.

Hence, it decided to introduce a rather innovative feature, the magnetic assist lock-down, with the Hotronix Auto Open. It would help make things easier when you’re working on some of the more complicated projects that involve using the lock-down feature more frequently than other projects.

Great Focus on Accuracy

It’s important to note that the advanced features and affordability of the Hotronix Auto Open doesn’t come with a compromise on the accuracy. Hotronix puts a lot of emphasis on the accuracy, and achieves a great level of accuracy with two of its unique features that are specifically designed for a greater accuracy.

The first one is the highly accurate temperature reading. Its platinum RTD heat probe is one of the better ones you will find, even in the super expensive price range. It manages to read the platen temperature within just 2 degrees, meaning that it’s highly unlikely you will have any major inaccuracies related to the temperature.

Similarly, its tubular heating element is designed in a unique way to prevent any cold spots, which are one of the most common reasons for accuracy issues and not-so-appealing designs.

Surprisingly Easy to Use

The reason we think this feature of the Hotronix Auto Open is worth a mention is that when it comes to high-end commercial-grade heat press machines, the ease of use is hard to come by. This can be a problem for growing businesses as they may have to spend more aggressively on training new employees.

However, if you’re a small business without a huge capital, the Hotronix Auto Open may certainly turn out to be your best bet. It’s significantly easier to operate than other commercial heat press machines.

It has a leveraged handle for a very easy closing. The layout is just as easy, thanks to a wide opening. The Hotronix Auto Open also boasts a “quick change” lower platen.

The overall functioning of the machine is pretty easy as well for a high-end heat press machine, and most growing businesses will likely thank themselves for choosing the Hotronix Auto Open for this reason.

Very Durable and Functional

You may expect to have to compromise a bit on some aspects as you’re getting so much at this price point. However, to your surprise, this is not the case with the Hotronix Auto Open.

It’s very accommodating in terms of the items it accepts, as anything up to 1” thick wouldn’t be a problem at all for it. Then there’s also an auto sleep mode helping you save on the power costs as well as improving the overall functionality and durability in the long term.

Talking about durability, the Hotronix Auto Open’s upper heat platen is coated with Teflon, which is often associated with an increased durability.

Finally, you get a lifetime warranty on the heater block, and a year’s warranty on the parts. Similarly, the castings and welds come with a 5-yearwarranty while the electronics are covered under the warranty policy for 2 years.


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