JRFOTO 9″x 12″ Swing Away Machine Review

 The JRFOTO 9″x 12″ Swing Away is a wonderful, compact heat press machine! This machine has many of the great features that we look for.

JRFOTO Heat Press Swing Away The JRFOTO 9″x 12″ is very versatile in the items that it can heat transfer onto. Some of the more popular uses for this model include t-shirt printing, ceramic printing, puzzle printing, and garment printing. By being able to adjust the pressure of the upper surface, you’re going to ensure that your heat transfers come out crisp and precise each and every time.

While some of the normal swing-away machines can have their precision suffer a bit, we found no evidence of that with the JRFOTO 9″x 12″. You’re going to be easily heat transfer with this machine!

The small size allows you to easily store and transport it. This is extremely beneficial if you plan on bringing this to multiple locations, such as home and work, or to a community event for on-demand printing.

Also, by having a small 9″ x 12″ surface, you’re going to be able to more precisely transfer onto smaller surfaces, such as small t-shirts and mousepads. Sometimes this can be quite difficult with large surface machines since you’re not always going to be able to see what and where you’re machine is lined up on the garment.

This is probably the biggest selling point that we have with this machine. Not only does it produce high-quality results each and every time, but you’re able to buy the machine at an incredibly affordable price! It’s not everyday that you’re going to find a bargain like this, but we assure you, you’re getting a real deal here.

The JRFOTO 9″x 12″ is built to last! Since it’s a swing-away heat press, you’re going to be lessening the wear and tear on the top surface. Classic clamshell machines typically wear down on the top surface. While newer ones alleviate this issue, it does pop up from time to time.

Swing-away machines tend to be a lot safer than their clamshell counterparts. This is because it’s nearly impossible for you to not pay attention and burn yourself because the only way to actually close the machine is by swinging the top surface back into place.

JRFOTO Heat Press Swing Away

While we consider the size to be a plus on this machine, if you’re someone that is looking to heat transfer onto larger items, then you’re not going to want to buy this machine. The surface is only 9″ x 12″, which is great for smaller items, but not-so-great for larger items such as XL t-shirts, blankets, etc.

One disadvantage of the swing-away style is that sometimes thicker items don’t always receive evenly distributed heat pressure. This is because the swing-away has to have the ability to slide left and right and up and down. This allows for the machine to potentially not be locked in and swing left or right when you’re pressing down. Typically this isn’t a problem, but it can happen if you’re not paying attention.

Overall, we really, really, really love the JRFOTO 9″x 12″. If you’re looking for a versatile, compact, safe heat press, then you really can’t go wrong with the JRFOTO 9″x 12″.

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