St. Paddy’s Day – A Great Holiday for Heat Press

Heat Press T-Shirt Design Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Start making custom shirts for your local pub crawls!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: corned beef and cabbage, drunken revelry, and lots of customized green clothing. What are the best designs for St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re running a business, how can you position yourself to capitalize on this special occasion? Read on to find out!

Use Your Heat Press Wisely: Understanding St. Patrick’s Day

In order to understand how to best take advantage of St. Patrick’s Day— or any other holiday for that matter— you need to understand two things: 1) What kind of holiday it is, and 2) what is going through the minds of potential customers who are buying goods for that holiday.

So, let’s examine St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday is technically a Catholic feast day, though you probably wouldn’t guess that if your only exposure to it are parades and happy hours. This day has become synonymous with binge drinking, binge eating, bar crawls and partying in public places.

Go wild, remember St. Paddy’s day is only once a year!

The mindset of people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is not difficult to guess: they want to enjoy a day of raucous festivities have friends with their family and friends. This means that people will be shopping for t-shirts with festive, humorous and even lewd designs. Many people want to be the center of attention or the funniest person in the room. A clever design— sold by you— can go a long way towards helping your buyers be that guy or girl.




St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt Designs

Here are some great designs we uncovered during our research:

Café Press

Reb Bubble

Design A Shirt

Heat Press Business St Patricks Day (Pintrest)

90 Best St Patrick’s Day Tee Designs (Pintrest)

Every St. Patty’s Day Occasion is an Opportunity

The design ideas listed above are great examples of general-purpose St. Patrick’s Day gear, but don’t get caught up on the idea that there’s just one category of designs per holiday (i.e., “St. Patrick’s Day designs”, “Christmas designs” etc.).

With each holiday, individuals and organizations alike put on parties and special events to celebrate the holiday in their own way. Each of these special occasions represents a unique business opportunity for customized designs that keep the holiday theme, but are made specifically for attendees at that event.

For example, a St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl can have its own special shirts made for participants in the crawl. The attendees get to put these shirts on and enjoy the feeling of being part of that shared experience, of being part of “the tribe” for the day. Other examples are concerts, festivals, or companies and civic/fraternal organization putting on a St. Patrick’s Day party for their members; each one of these events is an opportunity to sell customized St. Patrick Day designs specifically for that event.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this does not just apply to St. Patrick’s Day. Any holiday presents so many opportunities with all the different events going on!

And guess what? If these are annual events, you now have recurring revenue stream to make fresh shirts each year for the same events. Be sure to change the design each year and make each one memorable or funny in some way. Make it a competition to make the design a little better each year! This kind of commitment to both fun and excellence is what separates people who make it in the heat press business from those who don’t.

What is the Best Heat Press for Making St. Patrick’s Day Shirts?

It really depends on how many you need to make. If you are only making a few, or you just do this for a hobby, some of the clam shell or swivel heat press designs Click here will work just fine. If you’re actually doing this to make money and crank out a large volume of T-shirts, it pays to invest in larger, more sophisticated heat presses which can handle such a task. Click here for a complete list 

Check our dozens of heat press reviews, as well as our special section on heat presses for business to find just the right product for you.

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