T-Shirt Cutting Techniques: How to Revamp Your Wardrobe

Every time you look for clothes in your closet, do you feel like you have nothing to wear? Maybe it’s time to transform your wardrobe through fun and creative t-shirt cutting techniques.

So don’t throw out worn and faded t-shirts just yet. Whether you want to show off some skin or get rid of some layers, your old t-shirts can serve a purpose.

With just a few cuts of your trusty scissors, you can make a wide variety of cutout designs on the back, sleeves, and even neckline. T-shirt cutting techniques can do wonders to transform old shirts and give a new style.

How to Revamp Your Closet

An overstuffed closet is in dire need of a makeover. The urge to transform your beloved wardrobe can strike unexpectedly. It might be when you need a change, when you enter a new stage in life, or when you’re just tired of your messy closet and style.

Choose clothes

The first step is to choose the clothes you are going to style. Evaluate each shirt in your closet and separate the ones that you want to breathe new life into.

Determine your style

If you are not into clothes that look experimental, you can choose more subdued cuts. Selecting your desired style is an important step to undertake before transforming your closet through t-shirt cutting techniques. Choose cuts that reflect your style.

If your shirts are mostly classic pieces, you should think about incorporating cutting styles that add some flare. Maybe a few stylish and trendy shirts can do the trick?

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Why Use T-shirt Cutting Techniques?

There are countless ways to revive your old closet, so why go for t-shirt cutting techniques? These methods are a great way to step up your old tie-dye or summer camp shirts. So not only will this exercise your creativity, but you will also get shirts that are new to you for free.

Tips to Remember

Here are some things you should keep in mind before cutting your first shirt.

Don’t forget the scissors

Poor quality scissors can ruin your DIY experience. Ineffective scissors cause frustration and ruin the quality of your shirt. Before you start experimenting with your wardrobe, make sure to get a great pair of scissors.

Yeah, don’t assume that is going to fit

One of the most important tips you should remember when cutting clothes is to judge your efforts by trying on your clothes.

Chances are clothes look different on you compared to lying flat on your bed. The shape of your clothes changes once it is worn. So make sure to try on your clothes to ensure that the pattern looks good when worn.

Sewing machines aren’t as scary as you think

For some designs, you might need to use a sewing machine. If you have not used one before, now is the perfect time to learn the basics.

Don’t worry, all you need to use the sewing machine for is making straight lines.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

T-Shirt Cutting Techniques You Should Know

There are many ways to cut a t-shirt. Here are some of the easiest T-shirt cutting techniques that are sure to impress.


There’s nothing more eye-catching than a skull cutout concept. The simple design is not just for Halloween but is perfect for every month of the year.

To start, turn your shirt inside out and sketch a light skull pattern using a pencil or chalk. Then, start to cut out the shapes in the middle and work your way outward.

This quick project can be done even by a beginner. If the weather is cool, simply throw on a jacket and you’ll still be able to rock this shirt even in the winter.

Check out the video below:


Want a shirt that will make your BFFs think you are part of the Illuminati? This design is one of the best t-shirt cutting techniques on this list. And it’s simple to make.

Start by outlining a large triangle on the back of your shirt. Then, draw smaller triangles inside the large triangle. After you’ve made sure that the sizes of triangles remain consistent, cut about half of the smaller triangles.

Tie front

No-sew t-shirt cutting techniques are very easy to try. Whether you want to spend a week on a tropical island or to party in New York, this crop top is perfect to wear.

First, lay the shirt on a flat surface and mark the parts you want to remove with a sharpie or chalk. A great identifying mark is where your jeans or shorts start. Then, mark the middle part of your shirt you will leave out. This part will serve as your tie.

Proceed to cut down towards the shirt’s bottom in a straight line. Measure around an inch from your tie and cut a square on top to leave some room for your stylish knot. Now, you’re ready to rock it.

Watch the video below:


Perfect for working out or for a romantic date, this heart design might become your new favorite. Although it looks complicated, it’s very easy to make.

Check it out:

First, lay out your shirt and draw a heart on the front of your shirt using chalk. Then, draw little rays coming from the newly drawn shape. However, be careful not to draw the rays too close to each other. You need a little space or the shape will not be clear.

Use small scissors to start cutting around the outline. Now, it’s ready for wearing. Another great way to wear this shirt in colder climates is to put any color shirt underneath. So this makes it warmer and changes your overall look.


To transform your dull top and add a little flair, this bow design is an excellent choice. This top requires you to sew but don’t panic just yet because you will merely be sewing a straight line.

First, remove your shirt’s back panel. Try to cut this area evenly. Then, fold both edges to the inside of your shirt and pin them in place. Run this part through a sewing machine and make sure that the fold is not facing outside.

Now that you have sewed it, take any scrap fabric, twist it, and pin it into place. These parts will be your bows. The size of your bow should depend on how big your shirt is, but generally, it should be less than 3 inches thick.

Use a tape measure to ensure the design remains consistent. Finally, sew on the bows and you’re all set. This breezy top is perfect to wear in the summer.

Bare shoulder

If you tried the example above and figured out that sewing is not for you, then try out this open-shoulder design instead. Without a doubt, your friends will think you bought this stylish top at Brandy Melville.

First, cut off the neckline of your shirt and trim the armbands. The next step is to cut a semi-circle on each of its shoulder seams. This area will be the main design of your top.

To add more flair to your shirt, cut long oval shapes on the bottom of your shirt and remove the back half. These oval cutouts will be perfect if you want to cinch your shirt to your waist with just a simple tie.

This design is simple to make and beautiful to wear:


Any twisted back tee is perfect for enhancing the look of your entire outfit. The butterfly design is one of the best ways to transform old shirts. The butterfly design works best with light jersey fabrics.


First, get your sewing machine out because you’re going to need it. Cut off your shirt’s neckline, together with the bottom hem and arm. Then, cut the side seam along the arm, and across the shoulder until you snip up towards the neckline.

Cut out large triangles on the bottom and top of your tee’s back. Finally, twist the center where the top and bottom triangles meet and pin it in place. Once you sew it, you’re ready to rock this piece, which screams business in the front, party in the back. Pair it up with tight jeans, cute bandeaus, or leggings.


Going to a music festival anytime soon? It’s time to ditch that overused fringe design with this cute and easy geometric pattern.

First, choose a geometric cutout and print it.

Then, position the pattern inside your shirt and proceed to trace it using a pencil or chalk. Then, cut out the pattern, and you’re done. There are many templates to choose from online. Not only is this design perfect for events, but it can also be worn on a night out.


For a beach getaway, a backless top would make you the star of the show. To start, use chalk to draw the lines you need to cut. You need to get rid of the sleeves to make the shirt into a muscle tee.

Next, flip your shirt inside out facing you. Then, pick up your chalk again to draw two lines on the back. Make sure that the lines are positioned in the center. Draw curved lines to attach the lines to the top and bottom of the sleeves. It should resemble a razorback style. Finally, cut the lines out.

Although this top looks great on its own, you can elevate it by wrapping colored yarn tightly in the center of the shirt. You can also use a light wire for this. Simply pair it with shorts and a bikini top underneath.

Have Fun and be Creative!

See? Elevating your wardrobe through peek-a-boo t-shirt cutting techniques is not that hard. All you need is some effort, patience, and tons of creativity.

However, watch out for weird tan lines. But don’t worry. It’s going to be totally worth it.

Are you ready to try one of these t-shirt cutting techniques? Leave us a comment and let us know how it turns out!

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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