Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Sublimation Machine Review

 The Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Heat Press Machine handles absolutely everything imaginable with great ease. We absolutely loved how easy it was to use, yet how advanced some of the features are on it.

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The Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ is incredibly versatile, especially given it’s very affordable price. This machine has the ability to print on any flat surfaced items. One thing that we really loved was the full-range pressure-adjustment knob. What this does is it allows the user to easily adjust the pressure of the machine according to how thick the material is. Very rarely will you find this in a t-shirt press, so we thought it was great that it is included here.

There is also an adjustable multi-spring balancer, which is a handle that ensures that heat pressure is evenly distributed all across the large 15″ x 15″ surface. When you’re looking to press t-shirts, blankets, and puzzles, this is going to be particularly great. We’ve reviewed so many machines that simply do not do a good job of evenly distributing the transfer heat and as a result, the products end up coming out quite poorly.

Also, the surface is coated in a nice, quality teflon, which is going to ensure that the surface is non-stick and won’t burn your transfers.

A large, 15″ x 15″ clamshell machine is great for any shirt maker’s arsenal. A lot of the oldermachines on the market were 10″ – 12″ versions, which were great in the 1970s. But food as gotten better since then, and as a result, people are bigger sizes! With the advent of XL+ t-shirts, you’re going to want to be using a 15″ x 15″ machine if your primary objective is to make t-shirts. If you’re a business owner, this is going to give you a nice competitive advantage over your competitors.

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This bad boy can reach up to an astounding 750ºF! This is fantastic if you’re looking to transfer vinyl onto thicker materials. In combination with the full-range pressure-adjustment knob mentioned above, you’re not going to have any problems heat transferring vinyl onto any surface!

We really, really loved the temperature control feature that this machine has. It shut off exactly when the desired temperature was met and was able to maintain that temperature for extended periods of time without needing to reheat.

This best clamshell heat press is beautifully designed to meet all of your heat transferring needs! With a space-saving clamshell configuration, the Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ Sublimation Heat Transfer Press Machine isn’t going to be in the way or an eyesore. Also, the machine is available in a variety of colors, so it’s most definitely not going to standout, unless you want it to! The digital LCD temperature control looks fabulous and emits just the perfect amount of light.

The Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ comes fully assembled right out of the box! Within a few minutes of receiving your purchase, you’re going to be able to create beautiful designs! All of the features that this machine has were incredibly easy to use. Like all other heat press machines that we review, I let my mother try the machine out and she was able to use it. That means it’s super easy to use!

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The version of this product that we’re recommending now is the latest version. When the product originally launched back in 2010, there were numerous problems, such as heat pressure being low and vinyl not properly transferring. We can confidently say that all of the problems have been fixed in the newer versions (2015 and newer). As far as we are aware, all of the older versions are no longer being sold, so the odds of you getting one of those older versions are slim to none.

This beast of a machine weighs in at 63.8 pounds. If you’re looking to transport this around, it may be a hit cumbersome to do so. If you do move it around, make sure to remember to lift with your legs!

The Promo Heat 15″ x 15″ is a fantastic heat press, with a particular edge towards being a top-of-the-line t shirt machine. You really cannot go wrong with this purchase, regardless of whether or not you’re a commercial or personal buyer.

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